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GEN Jack Keane

Commissioner, Commission on the National Defense Strategy


General Jack Keane is the chairman of the Institute for the Study of War, a member of the Secretary of Defense Policy Board, and a member of the 2018 and 2022 National Defense Strategy Commissions. A four-star general, he completed 37 years of public service in December 2003, culminating in his appointment as acting chief of staff and vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army. General Keane was in the Pentagon on 9/11 and provided oversight and support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He received a BS from Fordham University as a distinguished military graduate and holds an MA from Western Kentucky University. He also is a graduate of the Army War College and the Army Command and General Staff College. His military service medals and citations include the Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Award, the Bradley Prize, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, among many others.

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