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Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

Vice Chair & President, Strategic Growth, Mastercard


Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., Vice Chairman and President, Strategic Growth, is responsible for leading our efforts focused on expanding commercial partnerships with governments and public sector institutions along with driving the company’s inclusive growth, philanthropy and sustainability agenda. Jon also oversees the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. He has spent considerable time in public service at the state, national and international levels. Prior to joining Mastercard, Jon served as U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, China and Russia under both Republican and Democratic administrations. He is the only American to have been Chief of Mission in both China and Russia. In a series of trade policy assignments, including as Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, Jon negotiated dozens of trade and investment agreements throughout Asia and Africa. Jon was also twice elected Governor of Utah, where he served as Chairman of the Western Governors Association. Jon earlier served as an executive with Huntsman Corporation and most recently as Vice Chairman of Ford Motor Company, where he currently serves on the board of directors. He also serves on the Chevron board of directors. He is a trustee of the Huntsman Foundation which has led the way in establishing the Huntsman Cancer Institute along with the Huntsman Mental Health Institute, both at the University of Utah. Jon is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and has 10 honorary doctorate degrees.

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