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Tzipi Livni

Former Foreign Minister of


Tzipi Livni is the former Israeli Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Justice. She served also ad the Minister of Regional Cooperation; Minister of Immigrant Absorption; Minister of Housing and Construction; Minister of Agriculture and the Leader of the opposition. Livni served as a member of the Israeli National Security Cabinet, a member of the security “Trio” and was Israel’s chief negotiator for peace between Israel and the Palestinians during the last two rounds of negotiations in 2008 and 2013.Livni was the leader of the largest center party in Israel. She is a strong voice for Israel׳s democratic values and a leading supporter of peace between Israel and the Palestinians . Livni served as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces and later served in the Mossad. Professionally Livni holds a law degree and was the Director General of the Government Companies Authority. In this capacity, she opened up markets for competition and privatized government-owned companies. In the Israeli Parliament, Livni was a member of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee and Chaired the Subcommittee for International Legal Warfare. Post politics professional and public activities: Livni was a Senior fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, and is serving as a board member of INSS institute for national security studies, board of trustees of ICG and serves in Boards of Public corporates and advisory boards of startups. She is an international Speaker, a strategic consultant and a member of international forums.

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