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The ASG Weekly Leaf: 12/4/20

This week, President-elect Biden announced his top picks for economic advisors including Janet Yellen as his choice for Secretary of the Treasury, the European Union drafted a plan for greater collaboration with the U.S. to counter China, Afghan-Taliban peace talks showed renewed signs of progress, and the UK became the first country to approve the use of a Covid-19 vaccine. Read more below.


This Week's Content Highlights

Features from Aspen Strategy Group Members

Madeleine Albright and Stephen Hadley in an Indiana University discussion: "The Big Foreign Policy Challenges Facing the Next Administration"

Nicholas Burns interviews Ambassador Karen Pierce in a Belfer Center discussion

Kurt Campbell with General Dave Goldfein on The Asia Group’s Tea Leaves podcast

Peter Feaver and Jim Golby in The Wall Street Journal: “The Myth of ‘War Weary’ Americans

Michael Green on CSIS’s Data Unpacked: “China’s Rising Assertiveness”

Nick Kristof on Twitter Live with Jimmy Lai: “Discussing Hong Kong with Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner Nicholas Kristof”

David McCormick in an International Economic Forum of the Americas discussion: “Is the Pandemic Reshaping Geopolitics and Business?”

David Sanger in The New York Times: “Assassination in Iran Could Limit Biden’s Options. Was That the Goal?”


Tweet of the Week


Upcoming Events

A Conversation with the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea

Featuring Kang Kyung-wha

Foreign Minister, Republic of Korea

Moderated by Nicholas Burns

Goodman Family Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and

International Relations, Harvard Kennedy School &

Executive Director, Aspen Strategy Group

Thursday, December 10, 2020

7:00 - 8:00 p.m. ET


Things to Know

Stay Informed with Important Analysis Relevant to Aspen Security Forum Discussions

Steven Erlanger in The New York Times: "NATO Needs to Adapt Quickly to Stay Relevant for 2030, Report Urges"

Sam Fleming, Jim Brunsden, and Michael Peel in Financial Times: “EU Proposes Fresh Alliance with U.S. in Face of China Challenge”

Susannah George in The Washington Post: "Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks Show First Signs of Progress After Months of Deadlock"

Aamer Madhani and Zeke Miller in Chicago Tribune: “Biden Nominates Yellen For Treasury Secretary, Names Liberal Economic Team As Pandemic Threatens Workers”

S. Nathan Park in Foreign Policy: “South Korea Matters More to the United States Than North Korea’s Nukes”

Michelle Roberts in BBC News: “Covid-19: Pfizer/Biontech Vaccine Judged Safe for Use in UK from Next Week”


Book of the Week

By Rebecca Lissner and Mira Rapp-Hooper

This ambitious and incisive book presents a new vision for American foreign policy and international order at a time of historic upheaval. The United States global leadership crisis is not a passing shock created by the Trump presidency or COVID-19, but the product of forces that will endure for decades. Amidst political polarization, technological transformation, and major global power shifts, Lissner and Rapp-Hooper convincingly argue, only a grand strategy of openness can protect American security and prosperity despite diminished national strength. Disciplined and forward-looking, an openness strategy would counter authoritarian competitors by preventing the emergence of closed spheres of influence, maintaining access to the global commons, supporting democracies without promoting regime change, and preserving economic interdependence.


Applications Open

Brent Scowcroft Award Fellow

The Aspen Strategy Group is seeking the next Brent Scowcroft Award Fellow. Named in honor of ASG Chair Emeritus Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft, the fellowship program provides the first stepping-stone for young professionals with an interest in U.S. foreign policy to forge careers inspired by General Scowcroft’s expertise and ethos of service. Scowcroft Fellows typically join the ASG team for a period of 6 months, during which time they are encouraged to develop practical skills and build knowledge in the field of foreign policy and national security.

Applications are now open for this temporary, full-time, paid position.


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