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The ASG Weekly Leaf: 2/19/21

This week, President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had their first call since Biden took office, protests continued in Myanmar after the recent military coup, and NATO leaders convened to discuss the major challenges facing the organization. Read more below.


This Week's Content Highlights

Features from Aspen Strategy Group Members

Madeleine Albright and Frederica Mogherini on CNN Opinion: “It's Time for the U.S. to Make Good with Afghanistan”

Nicholas Burns on CNN: “Burns: U.S.-China Relationship Challenging, But Most Important”

Michael Green and Evan Medeiros in Foreign Affairs: “Can America Restore Its Credibility in Asia? A Dire Situation Demands an Ambitious New Strategy”

Anja Manuel in a CSIS discussion: “U.S.-Japan Cooperation on High-Tech Supply Chain Security”

Joseph Nye in Taylor and Francis Online: “Soft Power: The Evolution of a Concept”

David Sanger, Helene Cooper, and Eric Schmitt in The New York Times: “Stay or Go? Biden, Long A Critic of Afghan Deployments, Faces A Deadline”

Anne-Marie Slaughter and Gordon LaForge in Foreign Affairs: “Opening Up the Order: A More Inclusive International System”

Dan Sullivan in a Foreign Policy discussion: "China and the Global Fight for Democracy"

Philip Zelikow interviewed for The Washington Post’s “At the Table”

Robert Zoellick in Financial Times: "How Joe Biden Can Help Britain Modernise Its Role in the World


Tweet of the Week


Things to Know

Stay Informed with Important Analysis Relevant to Aspen Security Forum Discussions

AP News: "Mass Anti-Coup Protests in Myanmar as UN Warns of Crackdown"

Lloyd Austin in The Washington Post: "The U.S. Can't Meet Its Responsibilities Alone. That's Why We Believe in NATO."

David Ignatius in The Washington Post: “Biden’s Ambitious Plan to Push Back Against Techno-Autocracies”

Ben Leonard in Politico: “Biden and Netanyahu Talk Iran, U.S.-Israel Alliance”

Gerald Seib in The Wall Street Journal: “In Biden World, Economic Policy Is National Security Policy”

Barbara Starr for CNN: "Austin Tells NATO Allies U.S. Is Reengaged But Warns of Russian Threat"


Book(s) of the Week

Susan Abulhawa, Against the Loveless World

Rumaan Alam, Leave the World Behind

Louise Erdrich, The Night Watchman

Danielle Evans, The Office of Historical Corrections

Randall Kenan, If I Had Two Wings

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