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The ASG Weekly Leaf: 3/4/22

This week, the Russian invasion of Ukraine continued as countries across the world rallied to support Ukrainians, President Biden announced additional sanctions against Russia, and a Western intelligence report revealed that China asked Russia to delay its invasion of Ukraine until after the Beijing Olympics had ended.

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This Week’s Content Highlights

Features from Aspen Strategy Group Members

Stephen Biegun and Anja Manuel in The Print: “India’s Abstention on Ukraine Resolution Risks Its Democratic Stature Before the World”

Chris Coons on PBS Newshour: “Sen. Chris Coons on Bipartisan Support for Ukraine”

Peter Feaver and Michael McFaul at Duke University: “Putin's Endgame: Russia vs. the West”

Michéle Flournoy, Mike Green, and Meghan O’Sullivan were sent by President Biden to Taiwan as part of a U.S. delegation, reported Reuters

Robert Gates on CNN’s GPS: “How Does the West Deal With a Hostile Russia?"

Jane Harman in The Hill: “To Defend Ukraine, Fortify Our Public Diplomacy”

Kay Bailey Hutchison in The Dallas Morning News: “The U.S. and Allies Should Do More to Support Ukraine”

Sam Nunn interviewed on Georgia Public Broadcasting: “Political Rewind: Former Sen. Sam Nunn Talks About Ukraine”

Joseph Nye in Project Syndicate: “Nuclear Deterrence After Ukraine”

Meghan O’Sullivan discussed sanctions against Russia on CNN and MSNBC

David Petraeus on CNN: “Is Ukraine Losing the War? See Former CIA Director's Answer”

Condoleezza Rice on Fox News: “Putin ‘Seems Erratic,’ ‘Descending Into Something’ Never Personally Seen Before”

David Rubenstein interviews Shouzi Chew on Bloomberg’s “Peer-to-Peer Conversations"

Lawrence Summers in Bloomberg: "Summers Says Next Recession Will Likely Be Caused by the Fed"

Robert Zoellick in Bloomberg: “The Future of the U.S.-China Relationship Lies in 1972”


Tweet of the Week


Things to Know

Content Relevant to Aspen Security Forum Discussions

Laurence Norman for The Wall Street Journal: “Iran, U.S. Close to Reviving Iranian Nuclear Deal”

James Politi, Lauren Fedor, and Max Seddon in Financial Times: "U.S. Announces New Sanctions on Russian Oligarchs and Their Families"

Amy Qin and Amy Chang Chien in The New York Times: “Watching the War in Ukraine, Taiwanese Draw Lessons in Self-Reliance”

Reuters: "World Bank Board Backs Using $1 Billion in Frozen Afghan Funds for Aid"

Joel Rose for NPR: "Tens of Thousands of Ukrainians Can Stay in the U.S. Without Fear of Deportation"

Edward Wong and Julian E. Barnes for The New York Times: “China Asked Russia to Delay Ukraine War Until After Olympics, U.S. Officials Say"


Book of the Week

By Serhii Plokhy 

"As Ukraine is embroiled in an ongoing struggle with Russia to preserve its territorial integrity and political independence, celebrated historian Serhii Plokhy explains that today’s crisis is a case of history repeating itself: the Ukrainian conflict is only the latest in a long history of turmoil over Ukraine’s sovereignty. Situated between Central Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, Ukraine has been shaped by empires that exploited the nation as a strategic gateway between East and West—from the Romans and Ottomans to the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. In The Gates of Europe, Plokhy examines Ukraine’s search for its identity through the lives of major Ukrainian historical figures, from its heroes to its conquerors."


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