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The ASG Weekly Leaf: 5/6/22

The Weekly Leaf

This week, the European Union proposed a plan to phase out Russian oil imports by the end of the year, the U.S. military shared that it sent a cyber team to Lithuania to defend against Russian hackers, and the World Health Organization released estimates suggesting global deaths from COVID-19 are likely much higher than those officially reported.

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This week, the Aspen Strategy Group released its first speaker announcement for the thirteenth annual Aspen Security Forum,

which will take place July 19th through 22nd in Aspen, Colorado.

More speakers to be announced next week.


This Week’s Content Highlights

Features from Aspen Strategy Group Members

Chris Brose was quoted by Will Knight in WIRED: “To Win the Next War, the Pentagon Needs Nerds”

James Cartwright in an Atlantic Council discussion: “Priorities for the NATO Summit and Security in Europe”

Chris Coons discussed social media regulation on CNBC’s Squawk Box

Michael Green moderated a CSIS discussion: “The Spear and the Shield? Japan's Defense Strategy Trajectory”

Kay Bailey Hutchison discussed coalition partnerships in Ukraine on Bloomberg’s Balance of Power

David Ignatius in The Washington Post: “Russia Is Losing on the Electronic Battlefield”

Joseph Nye in Project Syndicate: “Soft Power After Ukraine”

David Petraeus discussed the situation in Ukraine on CBC’s Power and Politics

Penny Pritzker co-chaired the P33 initiative P33 Strong Start

Condoleezza Rice spoke at Southern Utah University’s commencement ceremony

David Rubenstein discussed cryptocurrency on Fox News

Anne-Marie Slaughter for Financial Times: "Expanding Nato Will Deepen East-West Fissure"

Philip Zelikow moderated a University of Virginia discussion: “A Conversation with the Baltic Ambassadors”


Rising Leaders in the News

"While the IMF considers how best to support Sri Lanka, policymakers in Washington should urgently step forward with a financial package that will not only provide desperately needed aid for ordinary Sri Lankans but help the U.S. meet some of its long-term strategic objectives in the Indo-Pacific."

– ASG Rising Leader Akhil Bery ('22) for Nikkei Asia: "U.S. Should Push the Quad to Help Sri Lanka"


Tweet of the Week


Things to Know

Content Relevant to Aspen Security Forum Discussions

Oliver Barnes and Sarah Neville for Financial Times: "Coronavirus Pandemic Far Deadlier than Official Count, WHO Estimate Suggests"

Ken Dilanian, Courtney Kube, and Carole E. Lee for NBC News: "U.S. Intel Helped Ukraine Sink Russian Flagship Moskva, Officials Say"

Katrina Manson for Bloomberg: "U.S. Sent Cyber Team to Lithuania Over Russia Hacking Threat"

Emily Rauhala, Quentin Ariés, and Evan Halper for The Washington Post: "E.U. Proposes Ban on Russian Oil Imports by End of Year"

Choe Sang-Hun for The New York Times: "North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Ahead of Yoon's Inauguration"


Book of the Week

By Elizabeth Becker

"The long-buried story of three extraordinary female journalists who permanently shattered the barriers to women covering war. Kate Webb, an Australian iconoclast, Catherine Leroy, a French daredevil photographer, and Frances FitzGerald, a blue-blood American intellectual, arrived in Vietnam with starkly different life experiences but one shared purpose: to report on the most consequential story of the decade. At a time when women were considered unfit to be foreign reporters, Frankie, Catherine, and Kate challenged the rules imposed on them by the military, ignored the belittlement of their male peers, and ultimately altered the craft of war reportage for generations.

In You Don’t Belong Here, Elizabeth Becker uses these women’s work and lives to illuminate the Vietnam War from the 1965 American buildup, the expansion into Cambodia, and the American defeat and its aftermath. Arriving herself in the last years of the war, Becker writes as a historian and a witness of the times."


Join Our Team

The Aspen Strategy Group is currently hiring for two critical roles to support our work.

Program Assistant

The Program Assistant is a critical position that will provide high-quality support for the ASG across all its efforts. The ideal candidate is a multi-talented, early career- professional who is interested in and knowledgeable about U.S. foreign policy, national security, and international affairs; has a passion for handling a wide range of administrative, communications, operational, and logistical tasks; is creative, enterprising, and eager to learn on the job; is excited about balancing multiple, often simultaneous, activities; and has extremely high standards for the quality of their work.

Brent Scowcroft Award Fellow

Named in honor of ASG Chair Emeritus Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft, the fellowship program provides the first stepping-stone for young professionals with an interest in U.S. foreign policy to forge careers inspired by General Scowcroft’s expertise and ethos of service. Scowcroft Fellows typically join the ASG team for a period of 6 months, during which time they are encouraged to develop practical skills and build knowledge in the field of foreign policy and national security. Applications are now open for this temporary, full-time, paid position.


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