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The Weekly Leaf: 11/18/22

The Weekly Leaf

This week, President Biden and President Xi met on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Bali, the world's population crossed eight billion, and Qatar made its final preparations for the 2022 World Cup that starts on Sunday.

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The 2022 Aspen Security Forum: D.C. Edition


This Week’s Content Highlights

Features from Aspen Strategy Group Members

Stephen Biegun, Alice Albright, Goli Ameri, Charles Davidson, and Chris Walsh for the George W. Bush Presidential Center: "How the United States Can Help Support Democracy and Human Rights"

Michael Froman for CNBC International: "Trade and China are an Area of 'Bipartisan Consensus' in the U.S."

Michael J. Green, Meghan McDonald, and Lachlan Carey for the United States Studies Centre: "A U.S.-Australia Agenda for Climate Change After the Midterms"

David Ignatius for The Washington Post: "In Bali, Biden and Xi Probe for Guardrails on the Perilous Road Ahead"

Nicholas Kristof for The New York Times: "I Went to Ukraine, and I Saw a Resolve That We Should Learn From"

David Petraeus interviewed by Erin Molan for Sky News Australia: "Russia's Army is in a 'Dire Situation' Against the More Capable Ukrainian Forces"

Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton interviewed by Jon Stewart for The Problem with Jon Stewart: "America's Global War"

David Sanger for The New York Times: "At the Summit, Biden's Advisers Provide Clues About U.S. Strategy on China"

Anne-Marie Slaughter and Ben Scott for Project Syndicate: "Defending Democracies’ Information Infrastructure"

Lawrence Summers interviewed by David Westin for Bloomberg on the meeting between President Biden and President Xi

Philip Zelikow was quoted by Dustin Volz and Warren P. Strobel for The Wall Street Journal: "U.S. Releases 9/11 Commission Interview with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney"


Tweet of the Week


Things to Know

Content Relevant to Aspen Security Forum Discussions

Jason Bordoff, Francesco La Camera, and Daniel Yergin for The Economist: "Could the Energy Crisis Fuel the Green Transition?"

Nic Fildes and Demetri Sevastopulo for the Financial Times: "Australia's Defence Dilemma: Projecting Force or Provoking China"

Richard Fontaine for Foreign Affairs: "Taking on China and Russia"

Benjamin Gedan for Foreign Policy: "The United States' Easiest Climate Win Is in Latin America"

James Montague and Alice Devine for The Athletic: "The Qatar World Cup Explained - Episode One"

Peter W. Singer and SZ Tan for Defense One: "How China is Trying to Turn the U.S. CHIPs Act to Its Favor"

Oliver Slow and Alys Davies for the BBC: "Mohammed bin Salman: Saudi leader given U.S. Immunity Over Khashoggi Killing"

Nick Paton Walsh for CNN: "Blast in Poland Shows How Easily Russia's War Could Tip into Wider Conflict with NATO"


Class of 2023 Rising Leaders Applications Open

The Aspen Strategy Group has been strongly committed to cultivating the next generation of leaders in national security and foreign policy since its inception. Now entering its third year, the Rising Leaders Program is a one-year program for young professionals to contribute to the conversation on the most pressing international challenges while honing their leadership skills. Applications will close December 18 at 11:59 PM ET


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Book of the Week

By Andrew S. Weiss (Author) and Brian Brown (Illustrator)

"This riveting graphic novel biography chronicles Vladimir Putin's rise from a mid-level KGB officer to the autocratic leader of Russia and reveals the truth behind the strongman persona he has spent his career cultivating. In the West’s collective imagination, Vladimir Putin is a devious cartoon villain, constantly plotting and scheming to destroy his enemies around the globe and in Ukraine. But how did an undistinguished mid-level KGB officer become one of the most powerful leaders in Russian history? And how much of Putin’s tough-guy persona is a calculated performance?

In Accidental Czar, Andrew S. Weiss, a former White House Russia expert, and Brian 'Box' Brown show how Putin has successfully cast himself as a cunning, larger-than-life political mastermind―and how the rest of the world has played into the Kremlin’s hands by treating him as one. They shatter all of these myths and expose the man behind the façade."


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