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The Weekly Leaf - January 19

The Weekly Leaf

This week, tensions continued to rise in the Middle East and beyond as Iran and Pakistan launched strikes on each other's territories, the World Economic Forum convened in Davos, the Israel-Hamas war passed its 100th day, and Congress voted to approve another short-term spending bill to avert a government shutdown.

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This Week's Content Highlights

Features from Aspen Strategy Group Members

Sylvia Burwell interviewed by Jon Fansmith, Mushtaq Gunja, and Sarah Spreitzer for the American Council on Education: “AU President Shares Challenges, Triumphs of Presidency”

Chris Coons quoted by Alex Ward for POLITICO: “Top Biden Ally Signals Openness to Backing Conditions on Israel Military Aid”

Mark T. Esper and Deborah Lee James for the Atlantic Council: “Commission on Defense Innovation Adoption: Final Report Launch”

Michael Froman, Han Duck-soo, Javier González-Olaechea Franco, Kajsa Ollogren, and Jaime Ho at the World Economic Forum: "Leading in the Pacific"

David Ignatius for The Washington Post: “The Houthis Sink an Arrow Into the West’s Achilles’ Heel”

Nicholas Kristof for The New York Times: “As If We Didn’t Have Enough to Frighten Us…”

Joseph Nye interviewed by Henry Mance for the Financial Times: “Joseph Nye: ‘You Can Coerce by Economic Means’”

Meghan L. O’Sullivan and Jason Bordoff for Foreign Affairs: “Geopolitics—Not Just Summits—Will Shape the Transition to Clean Energy”

David Petraeus interviewed by Erin Molan for Sky News Australia: "The World Is Facing a ‘Greater Number of Challenges’"

Penny Pritzker quoted by Timothy Nerozzi for FOX Business: “U.S. Envoy Suggests Frozen Russian Assets Could Be ‘Easy Source of Financing’ If Approved by G7”

David Rubenstein interviewed Ruth Porat for Bloomberg

David E. Sanger and Lara Jakes for The New York Times: “Iran’s New Missile Fleet: Part Deterrent, Part Sales Pitch"

Frances F. Townsend, Joseph F. Dunford Jr., and Michael J. Morell for Roll Call: “As U.S. Positions With China, We Must Prioritize Technological Advantages Over Diplomatic Wins”


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Tweet of the Week


Things to Know

Content Relevant to Aspen Security Forum Discussions

Graham Allison and Raphael Piliero for the Belfer Center: “Lessons From Israel’s Forever Wars”

Lanhee J. Chen for CNN: “The Repercussions From Taiwan’s Election Will Continue for Years”

Rose Gottemoeller and Michael Ryan for Foreign Policy: "Ukraine Has a Pathway to Victory"

Jane Harman, Tak Niinami, Mathias Miedreich, Maros Sefcovic, and Daniel Kurtz-Phelan at the World Economic Forum: "Is Geopolitical 'Coopetition' Possible?"

Aamer Madhani, Matthew Lee, and Zeke Miller for the AP: “U.S. to Relist Yemen’s Houthis as Specially Designated Global Terrorists, AP Sources Say”

Frances Mao, Caroline Davies, and Paul Adams for BBC: “Pakistan Launches Retaliatory Strikes Into Iran, Killing Nine People”

C. Raja Mohan for The Indian Express: “From Davos to NAM, Unravelling of the Old World Order, the End of Peace”

Marwan Muasher for Foreign Affairs: "The Greater Goal in Gaza"

Mychael Schnell and Aris Folley for The Hill: "Congress Votes to Avert Shutdown, Sending Short-Term Funding Bill to Biden’s Desk"

Martin K.N Siele for Semafor: "Kenyan President’s War With Judges Emboldens His Allies to Defy Courts"

Brad Smith, Eva Maydell, Omar Sultan al Olama, Amandeep Singh Gill, Ian Bremmer, and Bianna Golodryga for GZERO: "How Is the World Tackling AI, Davos' Hottest Topic?"


From the Archives

Revisit our conversation with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya Martha Koome from the 2022 Aspen Security Forum: DC Edition.

Martha Koome, Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya

Moderator: Steve Clemons, Founding Editor at Large, Semafor


Book of the Week

By Bruce Riedel

"In this book, Bruce Riedel, one of America’s leading experts on the Middle East, provides a history of U.S. relations with the various entities of north and south Yemen, and the first in-depth review of America’s role in the deadly Saudi directed war in the Yemens. Three presidents—Obama, Trump, and Biden— have been deeply involved in this conflict. Riedel places this current war in the context of America’s history of engaging with the Yemens. From President Kennedy’s handling of a Soviet and Egyptian coup in Yemen in the fall of 1962 to multiple presidents' interactions with the dictator Ali Abdallah Salih who united the Yemens, this is a fascinating story with a colorful cast of characters. America and the Yemens will be of interest to readers seeking to have a better understanding of America’s role in the Middle East and the tragic encounter that has created the worst humanitarian catastrophe in our lives."


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