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The Weekly Leaf - July 8

The Weekly Leaf


We are pleased to announce additional speakers joining us in Aspen!

Among others, we are excited to welcome:

Antony Blinken, 71st U.S. Secretary of State

Alejandro N. Mayorkas, 7th U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

Arati Prabhakar, Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

K Shanmugam, Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Law of Singapore

Check our website for the full list of newly announced speakers

and watch for the agenda release early next week!


This Week's Content Highlights

Features from the Aspen Strategy Group Members

Chris Coons interviewed by Jake Tapper on CNN

Mark T. Esper interviewed by Alexandr Wang for Scale AI: “Fireside Chat with Former Secretary of Defense, Dr. Esper"

Michael J. Green and Victoria Cooper for the United States Studies Centre: "Australia's Role Supporting Democracies as A Middle Power"

David Ignatius for The Washington Post: “Israel’s Incursion into Jenin Is a Bitter Taste of Things to Come”

Nicholas Kristof for The New York Times: “Long Live the King!”

Anja Manuel interviewed by BBC Radio 4 for BBC Today on Janet Yellen's visit to China and U.S.-China relations

David Petraeus interviewed by Fareed Zakaria on CNN: “Former CIA Chief: U.S. Needs to ‘Tighten the Screws’ on Russia’s Economy”

David Sanger and Eric Schmitt for The New York Times: "Biden Weighs Giving Ukraine Weapons Banned by Many U.S. Allies"

Lawrence Summers for The Washington Post: “The Affirmative Action Ruling is Big. Now Elite Colleges Need to Think Bigger.”


Rising Leaders in the News

Liana Fix ('23), Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Jim Townsend, and Eric Ciaramella for the Brussels Sprouts podcast: "NATO's Security Guarantees for Ukraine"


Tweet of the Week


Things to Know

Content Relevant to Aspen Security Forum Discussions

Courtney Kube for NBC: "U.S. Will Send Cluster Bombs to Ukraine, Biden Admin Announces"

Anne-Marie Slaughter for Foreign Policy: “Make NATO a Network, Not a Bloc”

Fabiano Maisonnave for the AP: "In Lula’s First Six Months, Brazil Amazon Deforestation Dropped 34%, Reversing Trend Under Bolsonaro"

Arturo McFields for The Hill: “Cuba and China Are a Hemispheric Security Threat”

Suzanne Nossel for Foreign Affairs: “How America Can Win Over the Global South”

Eugene Rumer for POLITICO: “The Prigozhin Affair Is Much Less than Meets the Eye”

Eric Schmidt for The Wall Street Journal: “The Future of War Has Come in Ukraine: Drone Swarms”

Andrea Shalal for Reuters: "Yellen Urges China to Support Existing Institutions to Fight Climate Change"

James Stavridis for Bloomberg: “U.S. Military’s Recruiting Woes Are a National-Security Crisis”

Yifan Yu for Nikkei Asia: “The U.S.-China Rare Earths Battle"


From the Archives

Revisit our conversation on cyber, crypto, and quantum from the

Anne Neuberger, Deputy National Security Advisor, Cyber & Emerging Technology, National Security Council

Moderator: David Sanger, White House and National Security Correspondent, The New York Times


Book of the Week

By Nirupama Rao

The Fractured Himalaya looks at the inflection points when the trajectory of diplomacy between these two nations could have course-corrected but did not. Importantly, it dwells on the strategic dilemma posed by Tibet in relations between India and China-a dilemma that is far from being resolved. The question of Tibet is closely interwoven into the fabric of this history. It also turns the searchlight on the key personalities involved-Jawaharlal Nehru, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and the 14th Dalai Lama-and their interactions as the tournament of those years was played out, moving step by closer step to the conflict of 1962.”


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