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The Weekly Leaf - November 17

The Weekly Leaf

This week, President Joe Biden hosted his first bilateral meeting with President Xi Jinping in over a year, the APEC Summit convened in San Francisco, and David Cameron was named the new foreign secretary of the United Kingdom.

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Aspen Security Forum: DC Edition


This Week's Content Highlights

Features from the Aspen Strategy Group Members

Chris Coons interviewed by A Martínez for NPR: "Bill to Keep the Government Running Doesn't Include Aid to Israel or Ukraine"

Mark T. Esper interviewed by Tony Dokoupil, Gayle King, and Nate Burleson for CBS Mornings

Peter Feaver interviewed Christine Wormuth for the Duke Program in American Grand Strategy

Michael Froman interviewed by Bob Davis for The Wire China: "Mike Froman on the China Trade Question"

Susan Glasser interviewed by Ari Shapiro for NPR: "Proposed Congressional Spending Plan Leaves Out Military Aid for Ukraine and Israel"

Kay Bailey Hutchison and Dan Brouillette interviewed by Maynard Holt for the C.O.B. Tuesday podcast: “We’re in Deterrence of War Mode Right Now”

David Ignatius for The Washington Post: "Israel and Hamas Close in on a Deal to Free Dozens of Hostages"

Nicholas Kristof for The New York Times: "What We Get Wrong About Israel and Gaza"

Anja Manuel interviewed by Contessa Brewer for CNBC: "Biden-Xi Summit Will Be Good for the United States"

Joseph Nye for the Financial Times: "America Should Aim for Competitive Coexistence With China"

David Petraeus interviewed by Chris Cuomo for the The Chris Cuomo Project: "General Petraeus on Israel's War Strategy Against Hamas"

Jack Reed interviewed by Brakkton Booker for POLITICO

David Sanger for The New York Times: "For Biden, a Subtle Shift in the Power Balance With China’s Xi Jinping"

Dan Sullivan interviewed by Catherine Herridge for CBS: "Sen. Dan Sullivan Would Repeat the Overnight Floor Effort to Break Tuberville Military Holds"


Tweet of the Week


Things to Know

Content Relevant to Aspen Security Forum Discussions

Graham Allison for The National Interest: "Avoiding World War III: What the Joe Biden-Xi Jinping Summit Is Really About"

Morgan Chalafant for Semafor: "Biden, Xi Meeting Yields New Cooperation"

Matthew Goodman interviewed by James Lindsay for The President's Inbox podcast: "The APEC Summit"

Rose Gottemoeller for the Financial Times: “America Should Look to Its Own Past in Supporting Ukraine’s Naval Battle”

Jane Harman interviewed by Yasmin Vossoughian for MSNBC: "'Both Sides Bring Distrust into the Equation' Jane Harman on Biden and Xi's Meeting"

Adam Jourdan and Horacio Soria for Reuters: "Argentina on a Knife-Edge as Presidential Election Offers Clashing Visions of the Future"

Stuart Lau for POLITICO: "China’s EV Overcapacity Will Get Worse, von der Leyen Warns"

Colleen Long and Aamer Madhani for the AP: "Biden Tells Asia-Pacific Leaders U.S. ‘Not Going Anywhere’ as He Looks to Build Economic Ties"

Michael McFaul for Foreign Policy: "The Case for Supporting Ukraine Is Crystal Clear"

Shivshankar Menon for Foreign Affairs: "The Virtues of Restraint: Why the Use of Force Is Rarely a Sufficient Response to Terrorism"

Arati Prabhakar interviewed by Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: "The Future of AI Regulation"

Matías Tarnopolsky for The New York Times: "Cultural Diplomacy May Seem Pointless. That Won’t Stop Me."

George Wright & Kate Whannel for the BBC: "David Cameron Returns to Cabinet Table After Seven Years"


From the Archives

Revisit our conversation on U.S. strategy in the Indo-Pacific from the 2022 Aspen Security Forum.

Elizabeth Economy, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

Admiral Linda L. Fagan, Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard

General Charles Flynn, Commanding General, U.S. Army Pacific

Keoki Jackson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, MITRE National Security Sector

Moderator: Joseph Nye, Co-Chair, Aspen Strategy Group and Dean Emeritus, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University


Rising Leaders Program Applications Open


Book of the Week

By Fei-Fei Li

"Known to the world as the creator of ImageNet, a key catalyst of modern artificial intelligence, Dr. Li spent more than two decades at the forefront of the field. But her career in science was improbable from the start. As immigrants, her family faced a difficult transition from China’s middle class to American poverty. And their lives were made all the harder as they struggled to care for her ailing mother, who was working tirelessly to help them all gain a foothold in their new land. Fei-Fei’s adolescent knack for physics endured, however, and positioned her to make a crucial contribution to the breakthrough we now call AI, placing her at the center of a global transformation. Over the last decades, her work has brought her face-to-face with the extraordinary possibilities—and the extraordinary dangers—of the technology she loves.

The Worlds I See is a story of science in the first person, documenting one of the century’s defining moments from the inside. It provides a riveting story of a scientist at work and a thrillingly clear explanation of what artificial intelligence actually is—and how it came to be. Emotionally raw and intellectually uncompromising, this book is a testament not only to the passion required for even the most technical scholarship but also to the curiosity forever at its heart."


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