2019 Aspen Security Forum

July 17 - 20, 2019 | Aspen, CO

NATO at 70: an Alliance in Crisis?

Speaker: Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General, NATO

Moderator: Courtney Kube, Military Correspondent, NBC News

Trump's Tariffs and Trade Wars

Speaker: William Reinsch, Senior Advisor and Scholl Chair in International Business, CSIS

Speaker: Susan Schwab, Professor of Public Policy, University of Maryland

Speaker: Rufus Yerxa, President, National Foreign Trade Council

Moderator: Stephanie Ruhle, Anchor, MSNBC

Can America Business Succeed in China?

Speaker: Anja Manuel, Principal, RiceHadleyGates LLC

Speaker: Stephen Orlins, President, National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

Speaker: Tom Pritzker, Executive Chairman, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Moderator: Edward Luce, U.S. National Editor, The Financial Times

A New Era of Great Power Competition

Speaker: Jane Harman, Director, President, and CEO, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Speaker: Robert Kagan, Stephen and Barbara Friedman Senior Fellow, the Brookings Instiution

Speaker: Joseph Nye, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

Speaker: Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO, New America

Moderator: Peter Baker, Chief White House Correspondent, The New York Times

Democracy Under Siege: the Rise of Extreme Nationalism

Speaker: Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State

Moderator: Susan Glasser, Staff Writer, The New Yorker

Military Competition with China: Maintaining America's Edge

Speaker: Philip Davidson, Commander, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command

Moderator: Nicholas Burns, Harvard Professor and Executive Director, the Aspen Strategy Group

Containing Iran

Speaker: Jeremy Bash, Founder and Managing Director, Beacon Global Strategies

Speaker: Sigal Mandelker, Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

Speaker: Wendy Sherman, former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Moderator: Samantha Vinograd, National Security Analyst, CNN

New Threats from Old Adversaries: Democracy, Misinformation,

and Cyber Campaigns

Speaker: Tom Burt, Vice President, Consumer Security and Trust, Microsoft

Speaker: Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of Homeland Security

Speaker: Laura Rosenberger, Senior Fellow and Director, Alliance for Securing Democracy, the German Marshall Fund of the U.S.

Speaker: Suzanne Spaulding, former Under Secretary of Homeland Security for National Protection and Programs Directorate

Moderator: Shane Harris, Intelligence and National Security Reporter, The Washington Post

A Conversation with the Defense Intelligence Agency Director

Speaker: Robert Ashley, Director, Defense Intelligence Agency

Moderator: Jim Sciutto, Chief National Security Correspondent, CNN

Countering Violent Extremism in the United States

Speaker: Jonathan Greenblatt, President, Anti-Defamation League

Speaker: Farah Pandith, Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Harvard University

Speaker: Nicholas Rasmussen, former Director, National Counterterrorism Center

Moderator: Kim Dozier, Senior National Security Correspondent, The Daily Beast

The Competition for Space

Speaker: Tory Bruno, President and CEO, United Launch Alliance

Speaker: Heather Wilson, former Secretary of the Air Force

Moderator: Bryan Bender, Defense and Space Editor, Politico

Cyberspace: A New Frontier

Speaker: Kelly Bissell, Senior Managing Director, Accenture

Speaker: Jeff Greene, Vice President, Global Government Affairs and Public Policy, Symantec 

Speaker: Amy Hess, Executive Assistant Director, Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Moderator: Garrett Graff, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Cybersecurity & Technology Program

The Case for American Alliances?

Speaker: Charles Bruno, Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency

Speaker: Mara Karlin, Director of Strategic Studies, Johns Hopkins SAIS

Moderator: Julian Barnes, National Security Reporter, The New York Times

North Korea: Where Do We Go From Here?

Speaker: Benjamin Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor

Speaker: Jong Kun Choi, Secretary to the President for Peace Planning, Republic of Korea

Speaker: Sue Mi Terry, Senior Fellow and Korea Chair, CSIS

Moderator: Ken Dilanian, National Security and Intelligence Correspondent, NBC News

Defending the United States Against Foreign Adversaries

Speaker: Adam Schiff, Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Moderator: Kristen Welker, White House Correspondent, NBC News

Defeating Extremism: How We Win

Speaker: Farah Pandith, Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Harvard University

Moderator: Susan Glasser, Staff Writer, The New Yorker

A Resurgent Russia: Implications for European Security

Speaker: Toomas Henrik Ilves, former President of Estonia

Speaker: Victoria Nuland, former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs

Speaker: Kathleen Hicks, Senior Vice President and Director, International Security Program, CSIS

Speaker: John McLaughlin, former Acting and Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency

Moderator: Nicholas Burns, Harvard Professor and Executive Director, the Aspen Strategy Group

Great Powers Clash in the Arctic: the Struggle for the Northern Frontier

Speaker: Matti Anttonen, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Finland

Speaker: Elizabeth Economy, C.V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director for Asia Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

Speaker: Sherri Goodman, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environmental Security)

Speaker: Karl Schultz, Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard

Moderator: Jeanne Meserve, Member, Transatlantic Commission on Election Security

U.S. Strategy in an Unstable Middle East

Speaker: Chris Murphy, U.S. Senator for Connecticut

Moderator: Samantha Vinograd, National Security Analyst, CNN

Technology and National Security: A New Era of Innovation

Speaker: Tucker Bailey, Partner and Cybersecurity Practice leader, McKinsey & Company

Speaker: Mike Brown, Director, Defense Innovation Unit

Speaker: Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle

Moderator: Kara Swisher, Co-Founder, Recode

A Conversation with Susan Rice

Speaker: Susan Rice, former Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

Moderator: Andrea Mitchell, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, NBC News

Is Peace Possible in the Forever War?

Speaker: Roya Rahmani, Ambassador of Afghanistan to the U.S.

Speaker: Douglas Lute, former U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO

Moderator: Nick Schifrin, Foreign Affairs and Defense Corresponent, PBS NewsHour

The Role of the U.S. in Syria: Planning for the Future

Speaker: James Jeffrey, U.S. Special Representative for Syria

Moderator: Josh Rogin, Columnist, The Washington Post

The Battle with China for Military Technological Dominance

Speaker: Chris Brose, Chief Strategy Officer, Anduril Industries

Speaker: Tony Thomas, former Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command

Moderator: David Sanger, National Security Correspondent and Senior Writer, The New York Times

Planning for Critical and Emerging Threats of the Future

Speaker: John Rood, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Moderator: Catherine Herridge, Chief Intelligence Correspondent, Fox News

Authorizing Force: Balancing Congress and the White House

Speaker: Elissa Slotkin, U.S. Representative for Michigan's 8th Congressional District

Speaker: Mac Thornberry, Ranking Member, House Armed Services Committee 

Moderator: Julian Barnes, National Security Reporter, The New York Times

Conference Conclusions from Two Former Intelligence Chiefs

Speaker: John Scarlett, former Chief, British Secret Intelligence Service

Speaker: John McLaughlin, former Deputy and Acting Director, Central Intelligence Agency

Moderator: Nicholas Burns, Harvard Professor and Executive Director, the Aspen Strategy Group

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